Plans to make

I really want to have a blog and keep things up.
But it doesn’t seem to work out with an almost full-time job, taking care of the pets and just not being capable of making plans. (I’m serious, even at school we’ve gotten planners and it just didn’t work out)

Otherwise it shouldn’t really be a problem. (for most)
BUT I’m having a lot of free time planned and I want to be proud of what I do and what I want to do, which means some assertiveness from my side.
I’ve kept myself away from the outside for way too long.

And to be honest, until now I only went out for groceries or shopping with my mom. (yes I’m 25 and still with my mom, blame the government for it)

My plans will not all be done, but at least some should  be achieved.

  • Doing a sport activity (swimming or self-defense)
  • Bake more
  • Make more photo’s
  • Draw more
  • Paint more
  • Crochet something
  • Write down dreams and create art from the ideas
  • Put up a garden planner
  • Not letting plants die
  • Put up a blog planner
  • not forgetting to blog!
  • At home activity (yoga or something like that)

I really am a lazy bum!
Not that I’m doing nothing, since I am always the one who cooks at home.
And I used to be the one who walked the dog. (all alone)
AND I helped out at my parent’s cafe. (can sometimes swallow up a few hours or so)
It’s just time to make time for myself and do something I want to do.


Delay of recipe post! + something changed 1

The old computer wasn’t compatible enough for the picture overload, and the chaos my parents made in the database with all the downloaded pics of their grandchildren. (literally scattered all over maps or loose)

Now we have a new computer with a completely different base.
We always had Windows and now we have a different type.
So I have been stressing around a lot, because I’m quick in finding my way through the system and how it works, but my parents are not that quick.

I have been setting things up, downloading, explaining, re- explaining and solving problems this week for them.
They even have problems now getting the toolbar out of the full screen mode.  (to me that is super simple)

Luckily I don’t get called at work for that, because I don’t answer calls while working.
But when I come home and my mom played a game in full screen by accident, I have to fix it.
The same thing with the printer.
I have lost count on how many times I needed to explain how to use the printer program and how to scan things.

But to the other side, I have baked and I have a recipe ready.
The thing is, it is on the old computer. TT_TT

Next week I hope it will be up.

Now for some other things.
I have double stress at the moment.
No way of helping it, because at work I get only complaints on a saturday for being late, though it isn’t always my fault.
(I mean for delivering the second round to the stores)
Then I help my parents out at their café and every daily client notices every little thing I do and feel they have something to say about that.
Resulting in the fact that I just don’t want to go out anymore.
Why it still gives stress? When I feel queasy, just because I eat or sleep bad, they assume I am pregnant.
Do they really think I’m such an easy girl?

They think I drink, I go out, I have a boyfriend and that I’m irresponsible with money.
Guess what! I’m the exact opposite!
The only fun thing with customers is they don’t know my name nor can guess my age. (I never tell my age right away)

When I bake I also give out to certain customers, where you feel appreciated for the work you have put in.
Some just want it, because it is for free! No matter if they like it or not, if it is free they want it.

Then I have this blogging I really want to keep continuing, but my mom always keeps buzzing behind my back when I am behind the computer. (giving me the feeling she does that to get behind the computer)
And I feel that she became nosy. And I just don’t want to share what I write with her.
1. She has a hard time reading it
2. I have to translate it
3. She might misunderstand
4. Then I have to explain again or just leave with all the gained new stress.

Do all parents do this or is this for a certain age they have?
I feel like the mother in this family, because no matter how many times I explain them how and what, they don’t seem to listen or forget it, and then I have to explain again.
Thereby they don’t even take a chance at looking from an other standing point of view.
Hence I am easy at winning discussions.
Are all parents like that?


Yes I finally photographed the brownies.
The customers in my parents café really like it when I bake.
I just dislike the noise my mixer makes. (To be honest I borrowed my dad’s ear protector thingies he uses when cutting trees XD at least I saved a bit of my hearing)

Now I have to admit I got this recipe from the recipe-book  “Chocolate” by Trish Deseine.

It has some really good recipes in it and the brownies are my favorite!
The first brownies I made at school were from this book.
But you also got blondies, which are made with white chocolate.
We took the recipe and just took white chocolate, but because white chocolate contains a lot more cocoa butter.
Let’s just say it was definitely goey when it came out of the oven.

Now onto the recipe.
I just do it the way I think is good. SO it the amount IS the same. Just the way of doing is different in quite some parts.

weighing the ingredients beforehand!

weighing the ingredients beforehand!

microwave bowl:
120 gram pure or bitter chocolate
90 gram butter

Mixing bowl:
2 eggs

the rest:
225 gram sugar (normal or fine granulate)
90 gram of flour
Optional!!! 50 gr of chopped nuts (not whole or finely, but chunky)
* I don’t like it much so I don’t do it in this one

First I melt the butter and chocolate.
I do this in parts, in between stirring, because if you do it in one session, the chocolate can get burned.
And it needs to cool down before adding it in the end.

Then I put the oven on 180 °C and butter and flour the baking dish.
Then I beat the eggs in the mixer with half the sugar.
Adding it all in makes it a bit more runny.

runny, but stiff enough

runny, but stiff enough

So first when the egg mixture is fluffy enough, fold in the flour.
Then fold in the chocolate mixture in parts.

Now it will look really runny OR not!
I’ve experienced different batters with the same result, even when using the same method.

Now this recipe filled half my baking dish that was about 30X20 cm.
DSC_0273 DSC_0274

Baking it for 30 minutes!

DSC_0283 DSC_0281

It will rise! And when it is ready it will fall in a bit. No need to worry!
The stick test (a broken skewer, because I don’t want to burn my hand)
I do this to test the chewiness I want to achieve.



If you want it a little bit drier, just add 5 to 10 min. max!

Let it cool down or serve hot with some Ice cream!

Work for easter and people

Oh NO!

I see I missed on a week or 3. Yikes!

Well to inform you. My workdays have slightly changed and for this week I’m back on a old schedule? (she wasn’t sure yet my supervisor)
The thing is  a colleague of mine broke up and had to move back to her parents.
Since this was a lot of kilometers further away and she didn’t have her own car, I traded one day for another so she could work a day less and I hoped for one day less stress. Continue reading

Fridge is broken

Sadly enough this week our fridge broke down!

My dad found out when he opened the freezer and water gushed out.

It was an American style refrigerator/freezer. (two door style side to side)
And there could be a lot stored in it as well.
But when it broke, everything had to be put in the tiny spare fridge and freezer…… it barely fit, because we hadn’t done the grocery shopping.
We cursed the last owners for building in such an unlogical kitchen.
Cause they build it to look expensive in the cheapest way, and we get all the after effects for it. Continue reading

My attempt at bread~!

So quick review here about me. (this post show why I didn’t post last week)
I have a diploma for pastry chef and I learned everything except that with yeast!
Biscuit, cookies and cakes are easy peasy for me.
They told me bread is easy and I know how to knead the dough and such, but not the amount of flour to water and the baking process in detail. (never got involved nor teached) Continue reading

Birthday cake + hot chocolate tips

Soooo I have not been baking or cooking for the blog.
I had a birthday party for my godchild and made a birthday cake for her.
Also baked brownies, but I have no pictures of those.

So here is how I decorate a standard whipped cream cake!



Luckily I have learned my share of simple fruit decoration, but this is when I’m in need of time!
I just quickly cut fruit into pieces and placed them.

The tip I got is that if you put don’t have much fruit, DON’T add even numbers of it!
3 looks better than 2 and 5 better than 4.  This will help with a setup for the decoration of course.

Now onto the hot chocolate!
(sorry no pictures)

At home we always make our own hot chocolate!
It is quite at random though, but when we do we just heat up milk and ad that to unprocessed cacao powder with a bit of sugar.

Ratio: 250 ml milk = 1 teaspoon of cocao powder+ 1 teaspoon of sugar (or sugar alternative)
It doesn’t come out as dark as the commercial ones, and we use skinny milk (is that right??).
At least that’s how we do it at home.

BUT!!! Dark chocolate drops filling the bottom of the cup and pour hot milk over it, stir and you have French hot chocolate!
Do the same with white chocolate drops and you have White hot chocolate.
You can add vanilla sugar, liquor or spices.
(though white chocolate is not considered as actual chocolate, since the only thing that is in it from cacao beans is the cacao fat)
I’ve also been pinning on pinterest lately and I’ve seen so much different recipes for hot cocoa.
Just google (or whatever search engine you use) and you will be amazed of the options.
If you feel cold just whip up some hot chocolate and you will surely be warm! (while your drinking of course)